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Infant Sleep Sacks

Infant Sleep SacksBlankets in a baby's crib, while soft and beautiful and all the right intentions of keeping a baby warm while sleeping, can actually pose many problems that you may not be aware of. For one, they in many cases won't remain where placed once the baby moves around. This poses the potential problem of having the blanket move up around the baby's face; restricting air flow and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide baby will breathe. Both are serious risks that can easily be avoided with infant sleep sacks.

Many baby stores and shops offer infant sleep sacks, so what makes ours different from the rest? First, our selection of infant sleep sacks is available in different fabrics and weights, helping you easily move from season to season, ensuring that baby stays sufficiently warm while sleeping or napping, but without overheating. Second, infant sleep sacks come in many sizes to properly fit your baby. Under3essentials provides size charts for each individual infant sleep sack to help you determine the right size for your child. Third, the infant sleep sacks in our line are made with fabric free of pesticides, insecticides, bleach and other harmful chemicals, and are never treated with a fire-retardant. Shop with us for your next baby gift, and you will see that the organic products that we carry are loved by both babies and their mommies!

Sleep Sacques

If you are looking for safe alternatives to baby blankets in a crib, you are in luck! An infant Sleep Sacque will keep a baby comfortable and warm throughout the day and night while sleeping or napping. Let's take a look at the many benefits for these wonderful Sleep Sacques:
  • Without extra bedding to come up around baby's face, the risk of increased temperatures and carbon dioxide re-breathing is drastically reduced
  • Sleep Sacques provide an appropriate amount of warmth without overheating; perfect for low-birth weight babies
  • Sleep Sacques will not fall off during sleep like a blanket, which could be uncomfortable and make baby awaken more often
  • Sleep Sacques makes late-night diaper changes much easier for parents while keeping baby warm
  • Sleep Sacques can help maintain sleep routines when away from home
  • An infant Sleep Sacque can prevent worry about loose blankets and lower the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

Infant Sleep Sacques are worth their weight in gold, they should be an essential in every home with a new baby. Pick Sleep Sacques up for a friend, and show them how much you care for the safety of their baby. We look forward to working with your to ensure that your baby gets the best Sleep Sacques, organic baby  products, natural infant clothing and fun educational toys! Shop with us today and see for yourself all of our great organic baby products.

Infant Poncho

Infant PonchoNeed an extra layer to keep your little one cozy and warm while not restricting any of their normal movement? Look no further than an infant poncho. The Infant Poncho is available in many colors and sizes, both with or without hoods, they are the perfect alternative to a jacket on a cooler day. The Infant Poncho is easy to put on and remove with the zipper placed in the back; an essential baby product for today’s busy mom! The infant poncho is a wonderful accessory for any youngsters wardrobe.


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