About Us

Under3 essentials was born when infant specialist, Allison Minucci Nolan, MS took her passion and turned it into a business. Working with infants, young children and their families for 13 years, Allison found great joy in guiding parents and teachers to understand, appreciate and support the natural development and behavior of infants and young children in their care. Through the years, she has dedicated her life to educating herself and experiencing first hand the unique world of infants and young children (birth-three). Utilizing her experience, education, and natural skill she has re-designed school programs and entered homes, offering parents much needed support, resources, and respectful guidance to create an environment where both infant, toddler and parent(s) needs were understood and respected, creating harmonious relationships and lifestyles for families.

Over the years, Allison found more and more of her clients asking for her advice on the appropriate products to buy for their infants. Allison researched the infant and child industry to find products she felt would assist parents in embracing the natural development and behavior of their infants and young children. With this, blossomed under3 essentials, inc. a company that is dedicated to improving life for infants, toddlers and their families.